Exquisite Outfits Of All Ambani Ladies At Anant-Radhika’S Pre-Wedding Festivities | Times Of India

Mar 3 2024 exquisite outfits of all ambani ladies at anantradhika’s prewedding festivities piyali bhadra

The big fat indian wedding the ambanis always manage to bring the whole world together for their celebration and as expected for anant ambani and radhika merchant’s wedding mukesh and nita ambani left no crumbs and organised a 3day prewedding festivities affair but while everyone managed to make a statement the ambani ladies walked away with all the spotlight let’s take a look at all the outfits ambani ladies have rocked till now instagram

The bride of the moment radhika merchant is all over the place with her breathtaking outfits for her prewedding festivities at jamnagar to begin with she wore a beautiful pink versace gown with shimmer and extravagant lace detailing with a beautiful strapless neckline instagram

Fashion bling in colours radhika merchant shined bright like a diamond as she wore a mini sleek ruffle dress in multicolour hues and matched the look with beautiful shades and stunning stilettos instagram

The junglethemed bash for this occasion radhika kept the look chirpy and mellow and opted for a sky blue and white summer flare dress with leopard print details and carried a sameshade hat with it instagram