​10 Nuts And Seeds You Must Give Your Kids​ | Times Of India

Mar 4 2024 ​10 nuts and seeds you must give your kids​ timesofindiacom

Introduce your kids to the powerhouse of nutrients nuts and seeds are essential for kids as they are rich in nutrients like healthy fats protein fiber vitamins and minerals crucial for growth and development getty images

​almonds​ rich in vitamin e and healthy fats almonds support brain health and immune function add them to oatmeal yogurt or salads for a nutritious boost getty images

​walnuts​ packed with omega3 fatty acids walnuts promote heart health and cognitive function sprinkle chopped walnuts over cereal or blend them into smoothies getty images

​sesame seeds​ rich in calcium and iron sesame seeds contribute to bone health and energy production toast sesame seeds and sprinkle them over stirfries or salads for added flavor and crunch getty images